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LUSAKA residents should change their attitude and stop throwing litter carelessly it was making the Central Business District (CBD) and townships dirty, says a concerned resident of Kabanana compound, James Chiwasa.

Mr Chiwasa said it was disappointing that people were in the habit of throwing litter indiscriminately despite repeated calls to manage their solid waste properly.

He said it was not only government’s responsibility to make the country look clean and avoid the outbreak of cholera and many other communicable diseases but that of every citizen.

Mr Chiwasa said as one who had been advocating for cleanness for the past 10 years, he had taken it upon himself to be cleaning selected parts of Lusaka such as Bwinjimfumu Road which is off Great east road up to Makishi Road and other parts of town.

“I’m appealing to the people of Zambia not to be throw litre anyhow.Dirt is bad and it makes the city prone to various diseases.

“I said as Zambians we have to take it upon ourselves to help government to clean our environment,” he said.

Mr Chiwasa urged people to supplement government’s efforts and help improve sanitation in Lusaka and other parts of the country.

He said he was helping to clean and maintain roads and drainages in Kabanana Township.

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