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INDISCRIMINATE cutting down of trees for charcoal production  needs to be checked as it has become a community problem, a Serenje resident Charles Mulenga has said.

Mr. Mulenga said indiscriminate cutting down of trees was worrying because it was a threat to the vegetation as it was depleting tree.

In an interview, Mr. Mulenga said charcoal producers were indiscriminately cutting trees without concern about the environment.

Mr. Mulenga expressed fear that if the trend was not controlled, the area would be turned into a desert and affect the rain pattern.

Mr. Mulenga said, with changes in climatic conditions, rampant cutting down of trees would aggravate the situation.

Mr. Mulenga said, there was need by government through the Forestry Department to start conducting inspections before the situation got out of hand.

He said leaving the task in the hands of the traditional leadership alone was not enough to curb the vice but needed government intervention.

“We are appealing to the Forestry Department to start inspecting the forests to preserve the vegetation and avoid depleting of tree varieties,” Mr. Mulenga said.

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