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SOME Kitwe residents have proposed that two new constituencies be created and named Kitwe Central and Kwacha Central.

Currently, Kitwe has Kwacha, Chimwemwe, Wusakile, Nkana and Kamfinsa constituencies.

The two names came up during the on-going 2019 delimitation meeting which was attended by people from various sections of society ranging from political parties, the Church, civil society organisations, councillors and Wusakile Member of Parliament Pavyuma Kalobo.

Earlier, Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe submitted that between Kamfinsa and Kwacha constituencies, a new constituency should be created.

Mr Kang’ombe also proposed that between Nkana and Chimwemwe constituencies, another constituency should be created to be called Kitwe Central constituency.

And Democratic Governance and Human Rights Activist (DEGHA) president Gerald Mutelo said the delimitation meeting had nothing to do with 2021 and people should not be influenced by those with ambitions to stand as MPs.

Mr Mutelo urged the residents to make their submissions freely and not to be influenced by those with personal interests.

And submissions to take Buchi ward from Nkana constituency to Chimwemwe were rejected.

 Those who rejected the proposal included PF Kitwe District Women chairperson Alice Siabula Chibale and other residents.

They said Mindolo stream clearly defines the boundary between Nkana constituency and Chimwemwe constituency. \

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