Respecting the rule of law

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Dear Editor,

The expression of outrage by the American Ambassador to Zambia, against the 15-year sentence against two homosexual partners raises a very serious issue of the rule of law.

Developing countries continue to lampoon underdeveloped countries for disregarding the rule of law and for being arbitrary, capricious and at worst vindictive.

In this case the ambassador is undoubtedly aware that Zambia has laws against homosexuality just as it has against murder for which hanging is the sentence.

These are laws that are on the law books. They have not been repealed, meaning that courts of law have no choice but implement them. Courts do not make laws they simply interpret.

The outrage should instead be directed in a polite and meaningful manner  to law makers in Zambia to amend the law in order to legalize homosexuality in the same manner that South Africa has done. Our law makers have the power and capacity to change the law if they feel the need to do so.

Attacking the court sentence shows a very condescending attitude which could very easily be interpreted as a form of neo colonialism. Laws are not changed by political statements they are made by proper consultation through appropriate mechanisms.

Daniel Cheelo

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