Return FJT’s properties, Musoma begs State

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THERE is lack of political will to return money and properties grabbed from second republican President Frederick Chiluba in an unjustly and fraudulent manner, Zambia Republican (ZR) President Wright Musoma has charged.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation yesterday, Mr. Musoma said Zambia was bound to set a very bad precedence of victimising former Heads of State on mere accusation of wrongdoing and that the only way to remedy the property conundrum on Dr Chiluba, was to return them.

He said Dr Chiluba toiled for the properties that were unjustly taken away and therefore should be returned to his family.

He said Dr Chiluba deserved to be honoured because of his immense contribution to the development of the country but that with his family still failing to access his properties and the money he left, justice had not been attained.

Mr Nakacinda said the MMD was concerned that some cruel individuals had continued attacking Dr Chiluba’s legacy by taking advantage of his family to completely wipe out everything he worked hard for. He said the fact that Dr Chiluba was cleared of all wrongdoing by the courts of law, simply meant that he was innocent and never stole any public funds as alleged.

He said that he was shocked that even after his acquittal, justice had not fully been served on the late former President.

“It is unfortunate that up to date, money and properties that were grabbed from Dr Chiluba have not been given back to the family. As a country, we are setting a very bad precedent against former Heads of State because anyone who leaves office will be treated in like manner even after being proved innocent by the courts,” said Mr Musoma. He appealed to President Edgar Lungu to assist in effecting the court judgement that acquitted the former President to return everything that was taken away from him.

“My appeal to President Lungu is for him to help Dr Chiluba’s family get the money and properties back. We know the people who were handling this issue and must be answerable as to the whereabouts of the property and money which was in their possession,” Mr Musoma.

“Dr Chiluba must be turning in his grave at the glaring injustice done on him and his family even after he was found with no case. We must learn to dignify people who have served this country fervently by being fair to them,” he said.


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