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Rufunsa has received more than K1.3 million from the Ministry of Lands to open up roads whose works are set to start just after the rainy season, Rufunsa Town Council Public Relations Officer Rachel Chako has said.

Ms Chako said in a press statement yesterday that the council had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Zambia National Service (ZNS) which would open up the roads in the district which is more than 100 km east of Lusaka.

“The MoU is for the project which is intended to open up township roads in the district under the Land Development Fund.

This was after the Ministry of Lands released more than K1.3 million for the works, which are expected to commence immediately after the rainy season,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Chako also disclosed that Lands Minister Jean Kapata was impressed with the prudent use of funds released earlier for beaconing and surveying of the township land.

“Ms Jean Kapata was in Rufunsa district to check on how the previous Land Development Fund for survey and beaconing of the township were used.

She was happy with the way the exercise was done and she expressed happiness during her visit,” she said.

She said the council through it chairperson Bartholomew Kalambalala was grateful to the government for the developments taking place in the district and that the money released would be used for its intended purpose.

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