Sacked for being too honest

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Dear Editor,

There are many people who think many teachers should be fired for not doing their job properly but in the latest case of educational stupidity a teacher has been sacked for being honest.

That teacher is Diane Tirado who is/was a teacher at West Gate K-8 School in Port St Lucie, USA.

This school has a rather generous 50% minimum for any work even if there is no work.

Does that school pay their teachers 50% of their wages when they don’t even turn up – if so, then I am willing to ‘work’ there.

Students should be encouraged and rewarded for their work, the important word being work.

In most real world cases a zero performance gets a zero reward.

No teacher should be sacked for doing the sensible thing unless the world has gone mad although it appears to happen frequently in the educational environment.

Sack 50% of this school education board where there is 0% sensible thinking.



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