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GOVERNMENT is creating a school of government to help people understand that there is a culture required of those working in the public service, Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska has said.

Dr Msiska said the training would facilitate change that would make civil servants realise that they were not Lords but servants.

Dr Msiska who was speaking at the Central Province Investment Forum and Expo yesterday said government intends to decentralise disciplinary procedure in an effort to change the attitude of civil servants and also expose them to government training, which was last conducted in 1995.

He said countries such as Singapore hired staff for attitude and not for competence, because the latter was easy to train and that government therefore wanted to put in mechanisms when employing people to focus on emotional intelligence and attitude.

Dr  Msiska said there was need to capacitate those that were receiving powers because all capacity building processes in the past were wrong, therefore, the need to train those at the centre to make them understand that it was government’s interest to have the front line working effectively.

He said it was important that whenever, business people approach a government department for investment, progress should start right at the first point of contact of interaction with a particular district.

“I have to confess on behalf of my people that sometimes, when they do not understand something, it cannot work. That’s why government is creating a school of government to start getting people understand that there is a culture of working in the public service because what has happened is we stopped training civil servants in attitude and culture somewhere in 1995.”

“What would basically happen is you would have many directors, if they were lumpens at campus, they are still lumpens as directors and they are lumpens as PS’s.   The reality is you would need to convert that lumpen into a civil servant, that’s why the government is now investing in the school of government to facilitate that particular conversion,” Dr.  Msiska said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Msiska said the holding of the Central Province Investment Forum and Expo was an indication that there were sectors with untapped potential.

He said government also intends to digitalise all processes of administration through Smart Zambia to be able to reduce the cost of doing business, as well as utilize ICT, which is efficient in the fight against corruption and in turn save on government resources.

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