Seal Great East Road potholes

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Dear Editor,

Potholes on most of the roads in Lusaka, and on Great East Road after the airport roundabout, have emerged and are widening and deepening fast due to the heavy rains in the capital city in the past weeks.

Several potholes have sprung up on the same road around the former Burn Motel area. Most of these potholes were small before the rains started and could have been sealed at a small cost.

But now sealing them would cost more because they are big and are still growing.  The adage “a stitch in time saves nine” is true today as it was when it was coined decades ago.

The potholes are posing a serious danger to motorists and other road users like cyclists.

I am appealing to relevant authorities to quickly patch up the potholes before some of them cover the entire width of the roads.

We should not wait for a disaster to happen for action to be taken to fill the potholes. Motorists are paying a lot of money, through toll gates, road tax, vehicle fitness tests, etc, for road maintenance.  There should be no excuses for not patching up the potholes.

M. Daka

Concerned citizen

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