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THE violence being perpetrated in Sesheke is as a result of the selfishness being exhibited by politicians who have no heart for Zambians, MMD president Felix Mutati has observed.

Mr Mutati told the Daily Nation in Kitwe yesterday that Zambians were going through hardships because of the selfishness of politicians.

People are suffering especially where elections will be conducted because some politicians are selfish”, he said.

Mr Mutati said politicians were using innocent people to perpetrate violence as a way to sharpen their differences which he described as unfortunate.

Mr Mutati said it was disheartening that politicians had failed to unite the country but resort perpetrate violence to satisfy their needs.

“As politicians are selfish we are using the field to sharpen our differences instead of uniting the Zambian people so that violence should have no place in the country in particular in Sesheke and other places where elections will be conducted,” Mr Mutati said.

He hoped  that come Tuesday February 12, 2019 law enforcement officers would people voted peacefully.

He noted that there was need for people to elect genuine leaders instead of being forced to choose leaders through intimidation.

“On that day people should be given an opportunity to choose leaders of their choice and not through intimidation. Law enforcement officers must ensure that people vote free,” he said.

Mr Mutati observed that Sesheke was under developed because people choose leaders in recent past through intimidation.

He however said there was need to expedite legal legal reforms in order to completely alleviate violence that the country had experienced.

Mr Mutati said legal reforms would give Electoral commission of Zambian (ECZ) power to act decisively on perpetrators of political violence.

He has since urged the three church mother bodies and the politicians to ensure that the national dialogue come to fruition so that legal reforms can be addressed.

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