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SENIOR Chief Mukuni was actively involved in the mobilisation of UPND votes in Southern Province in the 2015 and 2016 elections, says former UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo.

Mr Lifwekelo said he worked with Senior Chief Mukuni and that they used to meet at one of the hotels in Livingstone to carryout UPND activities.

He said amending the Constitution should include submissions to withdraw chiefs’ recognition of those actively involved in politics.

The former opposition leader has challenged Senior Chief Mukuni to declare interest and choose between being a chief or a politician, as he could not have it both ways.

Mr Lifwekelo said Senior Chief Mukuni’s remarks quoted in the media that the government was treating the Tonga-speaking people as second class citizens had potential to plunge Zambia into serious political crisis that border on tribalism.

Efforts to get a comment from Senior Chief Mukuni proved futile by press time as his mobile phone was unreachable.

Mr Lifwekelo said in an interview yesterday, said it was ironic that a chief whose mandate was to unite Zambians and preach peace was the one sowing seeds of discontent by applying divide and rule tactics.

Meanwhile, Mr Lifwekelo has prodded UPND Members of Parliament to emulate Zambezi East lawmaker Brian Kambita who has opened up and opted to work with the government of the day to foster economic development.

He observed that most UPND constituencies were underdeveloped because most of their MPs were directed not to work with the government for fear that the State would get the credit for development.

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