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LYING has become common place in our society today because even people who by virtue of their standing in society should be above such are purveyors of falsehoods.

From outright fabrication of falsehoods has emerged this new trend of twisting facts to portray the government or national leaders in bad light.

We are not surprised that Patriotic Front (PF) member of the central committee (MCC) Kebby Mbewe yesterday reported Chishimba Kambwili, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant, to Woodlands Police Station for allegedly plotting evil against the government by spreading falsehoods.

According to Mr Mbewe, Mr Kambwili’s continued falsehoods are aimed at inciting Zambians to revolt against the legitimately elected government and must be made accountable for his reckless utterances, which have the potential to land the nation in turmoil.

We have said before that the people who spread falsehoods ought to be held accountable and put to the strictest proof to test the veracity of their information.

It is quite alarming that a grown up man wakes up thinking of what misinformation to spread all because he thinks no one will call out his act for what it is, misinformation.

What is even more disappointing is that as such depraved people defame innocent people some citizens with scores to settle with the victims are busy irresponsibly cheering them on.

But they must realise that not everyone is amused by such slander.

This is dangerous because the people, especially those in leadership, who are being targeted with false allegations have supporters who are hurt and may be compelled to react to defend their leaders.

The result is anyone’s guess.  

Mr Mbewe said he was not happy with what he termed as Mr Kambwili’s continued evil plot against President Edgar Lungu and his government.

He said as a concerned Zambian citizen, he wanted the law to take its course against Mr Kambwili, who deliberately twisted facts on the value of the newly commissioned Bangweulu Regional Hospital just to incite Zambians to rise against the leadership of President Lungu.

Mr Mbewe said he was fearful that if left unchecked, Mr Kambwili’s evil plot against the government could land the nation in turmoil because there are also many Zambians out there who are ready to rise to the defence of the President.

We commend the PF for restraining its members, especially the youth, from physically reacting to Mr Kambwili’s provocations in defence of the President but has instead used the legal system.

But the question is for how long?

Mr Mbewe’s complaint arises from claims made by Mr Kambwili that the construction of Bangweulu Regional Hospital in Northern Province would cost US$154 million instead of the actual cost as announced by President Lungu of K154,174,340.72.

The difference is astronomical, and it would be interesting to learn where the former ‘honourable’ member of Parliament for Roan got his figures from.

The President’s speech was clear and in legible print for anyone to see and read. There was also an audio of the same speech as given by President Lungu.

It is, however, not the first time Mr Kambwili has found himself being questioned for peddling what is clearly misinformation.

Of course, out of embarrassment and to save his skin, he may try to claim that he made a mistake.

But everyone knows that his lie was deliberate. It was calculated to whip up public hatred towards the republican President.

This is a clear case of a leader using social media to spread fake news and therein lies the danger to national security.

Mr Kambwili’s targeted audience may not have a chance to verify the information they are being fed but take to the streets or worse action.

His videos and embarrassing press briefings are aimed at exciting the emotions of his audience, which every responsible Zambian should condemn in the strongest terms.

Our advice is that he should tone down and begin practicing politics with civility, otherwise he should not cry ‘persecution’ when the law he is breaking with impunity catches up with him.

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