Should we brace for more load shedding?

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Dear Editor,

IT looks like we are headed for problems in as far as load shedding is concerned. Very frightening to learn that the Kariba dam water level has dropped to lowest recorded since 1995.

This means that we must brace for more load shedding and possibility of government importing power from some of the countries in the region who may have a surplus.

But I think this is just an indication that we must make serious investment in solar energy. 

Let us move away from hydro generated power.

Instead we must make is of the Sun and wind to generate power. 

Nature is proving unreliable in as far as harnessing water for power generation is concerned.

Rather the 3percent share that solar energy generation has, we should increase this 50 percent for the sake of industries.

 It will be difficult to keep industries running with power unless companies themselves invest in generators, which is also an additional cost.


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