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THE general membership of the UPND in Siavonga has called for the dissolution of all party committees in the area on account of weakness.

Kariba ward chairperson, Hitler Mweemba who spoke on behalf of others called on the provincial party committee to quickly dissolve the Siavonga committees and call for fresh elections to strengthen the party.

He said that there were deep divisions among party committee members which had resulted in opposition party to fail to attract new members.

Mr Mweemba said that as for as the party members in the area were concerned, technically there were no committees in place as members had silently passed a vote of no confidence in the current office holders.

“We the members have already silently passed a vote of no confidence in the current office holders and what we are waiting for is the provincial  chairman to come and oversee the elections of new office bearers,” said Mweemba.

Mr. Mweemba said UPND had lost a lot of members to the ruling PF because of poor leadership at all levels of the party in the area.

He said any delays to dissolve the non performing committees would negatively hurt the party ahead of the crucial 2021 generation elections.

Mr Mweemba said he and other members of the party were ready to defect to the ruling party should the party at the province not listen to calls by the local membership to have new office bearers.

He said the party in the district was divided and that if any by election was to be called today, at Parliamentary or ward level, UPND would lose to the PF.

“The general membership is saying they are ready to defect to the ruling party because they are tired of the confusions going on among leaders,” he said.

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