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THE Labour movement should provide lasting solutions to their members rather than attacking government all the time, Sinda District Commissioner (DC) Paradious Sakala has advised.

Mr Sakala was responding to a speech that had been read earlier by National Energy Sector (NASAWU) and Allied Workers Union General Treasurer Bridget Nambule during the Labour Day celebrations in Sinda district of Eastern province at Tiritonse Primary School.

In her speech Ms Nambule stated that the continued borrowing of money by government will negatively affect the nation and will affect the Patriotic Front’s policy on job creation.

“NASAWU which is under ZCTU is highly worried with high levels of unemployment so the society needs economic development which is anchored on goal number 8 of sustainable development goals.

“NASAWU is concerned with lack of political dialogue amongst political parties which has created an atmosphere of mistrust and continued political uncertainties and intolerance,” Ms Nambula said.

But Mr Sakala explained that acquiring a debt was not an offence adding that what was wrong was to borrow and then use the money for wrong purposes.

He said no government in the world no matter how effective or powerful it was had the capacity to create job opportunities on its own without the involvement of partners.

“The PF government has shown a lot of developments across the country at which Sinda is one of the beneficiaries through the money that they borrow,” Mr Sakala said.

He further challenged unions to stop misleading workers because the civil servants were the ones that implemented the policies made by politicians.

He also warned civil servants against tarnishing the image of government through wrong working culture like drinking on duty, reporting late for work and the wrong attitude towards clients.


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