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GOVERNMENT’S plans to construct skills training institutions across Luapula Province will increase productivity and reduce unemployment, says Alliance for Luapula Youths (ALY) Executive Director Edwin Nyirongo.

In an interview, Mr Nyirongo said his organisation was impressed that the Government was constructing trades training institutes in some districts in Luapula province.

“We understand that our government is constructing skills training centres in Mwense and Milenge districts, to mention just a few. This is a step in the right direction especially now when we are fighting poverty and unemployment among the youths in Zambia,” Mr Nyirongo said.

He said that some of the projects had already been completed.

“Again, we are here to appreciate government for investing in this important sector because we are of the view that increasing access to skills training in our province is key to boosting economic activities,” Mr Nyirongo said.

He said empowering youths with necessary technical skills would enable them start their own enterprises.

He explained this would result in the reduction of poverty and unemployment which was currently high.

“Our youths will now be trained in carpentry & joinery, plumbing, agriculture production and hotel & hospitality, among others. So instead of our youths going to berg for jobs, they will be able to set up their own workshops and begin to employ their fellow youths.

“Very soon Luapula Province will be removed from the list of the poorest provinces in Zambia. Very soon the economy of our province will be booming,” Mr Nyirongo said.

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