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DRASTIC measures and action will now be taken against social media abusers to bring perpetrators to book, Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has warned.

Mr Kampyongo also directed the police to work with Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to curtail and locate perpetrators of social media abuse.

The minister said that there were already systems in place which would easily identify and track perpetrators of social media misuse.

He reiterated that a recent fake statement on social media which was alleging that major reshuffles had been done in the police service had the potential to destabilise the service.

Mr Kampyongo told Journalists in Lusaka that some officers would be swayed into believing that changes had indeed been made and some may end up being demoralised.

He urged police officers not to believe any how things that were posted on social media without proper confirmation.

Mr Kampyongo warned that government would not hesitate to punish police officers who were easily influenced into believing falsehoods that were being posted on social media.

“The misuse of social media has become rampant, but we will not sit idle and allow this to happen. I must warn that drastic measures and action will now be enforced on perpetrators of social media abuse. I now direct the police to work together with ZICTA, to curtail the scourge and ensure that perpetrators are brought to book,” he said.

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