Social media is a real menace, where is ZICTA

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Dear Editor,

WHY are the various law enforcement agencies failing to bring to book people who are operating social media sites that are highly offensive and therefore a danger to the stability of our country.

I am aware that the owners of facebook have agreed to cooperate with  people determined to clean up the institution by eliminating  fake news that is intended to cause harm and despondency.

Sure Government through Zicta should be able to make the case to Facebook to show that certain sites are simply political conduits of hate and destabilisation against the of peace loving Zambians.

The very fact the owners of facebook have opened up to dialogue with various authorities to prevent the harm that fake information causes should be enough encouragement for the Government to make an approach that will help eliminate the messages of hate, insults and badmouthing of the political leadership.

It is a known fact that some of the sites are sponsored and run by political parties and hence their penchant for negativity and insults. This is all the more reason why that Zicta should undertake a crackdown to leave those institutions that mean well for the country.

It is unacceptable that the social media platform has been used for such evil activities as circulating examination papers for the purpose of sabotaging a national cause.

Those responsible must be brought to the attention of facebook as forcefully as possible to let them know the evil to which the media has been put.

I am convinced that a case can be made with Facebook to stop the rot that is going ion under the guise of freedom of expression.

Even the Facebook founder in his testimony to authorities said very clearly that the intention facebook was not not be used as a vehicle of fake news  and disinformation.

We cannot allow our law enforcement agencies to stand by as evil people destroy and undermine our independence.

Wake up Zicta.


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