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ZAMBIAN budding songstress Tiszah Katowa is looking at creating music that will stand the test of time. The singer currently working on her debut album has keen interest in producing music that she says is authentic and relative to the African experience.

She believes music is a form of language which cuts across gender, culture and regions, and therefore her mission is to focus on making it last.

“I write my own songs and I work on music without rushing. I have taken a long time to finalise my album because I want to put in good music that will stand a test of time,” she says.

” As you may be aware, I do live music, because I want people to have a real time experience of acoustic afro soul, which is basically my music.”

Apart from singing and writing songs,  Tiszah is a talented guitarist and pianist.

Born to Zambian parents, raised in Lusaka, her music journey goes as back as her childhood.

“I started singing at the age of 9 in church in a trio with my father and elder sister. I have always loved music and this is why I studied music up to university level. I wrote my first song at the age of 11,” she recalls. “After graduating from school I started out by teaching music at Evelyn Hone College and UNZA then went into being a backing vocalist. I became a backing vocalist for Nathan Nyirenda.”

Nathan features on her most popular single ‘ Nduwe’. He played the Saxophone.

With ‘ Nduwe’, Tiszah went further to release its video which has received massive following on YouTube. The video was sshot by Nxt Solutions, directed by Qbick Zambia while the audio was produced by Ben Blazer with instruments played by the Elect Band.

” ‘Nduwe’ simply means “You” I am telling God that, you are the one I want. I have tried everything, been everywhere and I am failing, nothing seems to be working. You are the only one I can run to, I need you more than ever, you are the only one that can save me,” explains Tiszah who is hopeful her soon-to-be released album will meet her standards.

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