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THE Zambia-South Africa relations will not be affected owing to the change of leadership in that country, South African High Commissioner to Zambia, Sikose Mji said in Lusaka yesterday.

And the Pretoria government said Zambia can become one of Africa’s largest economic hubs if the country pays much more attention to the agriculture sector.

Ms Mji said President Cyril Ramaphosa was committed to further bilateral ties with Zambia.

She said this yesterday during a press briefing at her residence.

Ms Mji said South Africa cherished the long lasting profound friendship with Zambia.

She explained that the Pretoria government was looking forward to increasingly closer relations and expanding scales of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

She said the two countries were enjoying the valuable economic support.

And Ms Mji said Zambia could become the largest economic hub in Southern Africa if the country paid much more attention to the agriculture sector.

“Zambia’s agriculture is just starting because for so many years the country depended on copper.

If Zambia can be more serious about agriculture, the relationship between the two countries in terms of trade will advance very much because that is where you (Zambia) have potential to grow and that’s where South Africa no longer have potential to grow,” she explained.

Ms Mji said Zambia had a favourable climate for the agriculture sector to flourish.

“Zambia has steady water potential. So if the country can just have a serious strategy for agriculture and stick to it, the country can gradually reach the level of South Africa in terms of trade balance and even surpass it,” said Ms Mji.

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