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UNITED National Party for Development’s (UPND) malicious statements that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) is distributing maize bran for human consumption to some hunger hit areas in Southern  Province, is aimed at tarnishing Government’s image, says the Patriotic Front.

Southern Province PF chairperson Lawrence Evans clarified that DMMU was distributing mealie meal to the people hit by hunger in the Province and some maize bran as feed for their livestock and not human consumption.

He said the move to distribute maize bran was to ensure that the animals did also not die of starvation.

He said it was therefore misguided for the (UPND) to twist the facts and claim that Government was giving maize bran to people in hunger hit areas to use for their consumption when it was for livestock.

“UPND’s appetite to gain cheap political face or capital even from the most of unfortunate calamities or circumstances is shocking and worrying to say the least because the party seems to find celebration and delight from anything even where everyone else is commiserating.

“The poor rainfall recorded in many parts of the country leading to failed crop was not a creation of the government of President Edgar Lungu, but an act of nature,” Mr Evans said.

He said it was sad that UPND politicising a serious issue, instead of standing with Government and the country in addressing the situation.

“UPND should know when to politic and when to stand together as a country and one such time to stand together is now as the country deals with the lack of food in some parts of the country because hunger dehumanises and does not know tribe or political affiliations,” he said.

Mr Evans reaffirmed that the PF government was equal to the task to ensure that no Zambian died of starvation.

He said relief food in terms of mealie meal was reaching all the areas requiring it without major challenges so far.

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