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STANBIC Bank Zambia recorded over 1, 000 new customers at the just ended 92nd Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka.

Stanbic Bank Zambia head public relations Chanda Katongo said the bank had set up a full-fledged branch within the show grounds to service show goers.

She said in an interview that this was part of Stanbic Bank’s policy of taking the banking services closer to the people.

“I think the turnout at the 92nd Agriculture and commercial show was an absolute success. We had a full-fledged branch. So everything that you need we were able to offer at the show grounds, so we had tellers,

we had relations managers we are all there to serve our clients,” she said.

Ms Katongo said on average the bank was recording 150 new customers per day.

And Ms Katongo assured the people of Luapula Province that the bank would soon extend operations to the region.

Recently, Mwansabombwe District Commissioner Victor Kasuba appealed to the banks in Zambia to set up permanent branches in the newly created district.

Mr Kasuba told Daily Nation in an interview that Mwansabombwe had never had a bank since it was declared a district in 2012.

But Ms Katongo said Stanbic Bank was implementing an expansion programme to cover the all 10 provinces.

“Stanbic Bank is visible in six of the 10 provinces in Zambia. However one thing you may not know is Stanbic Bank actually powers Shoprite money and powers PeP money, almost everywhere you go you will find Shoprite and PeP. When you find Shoprite and PeP you find Stanbic.

“So when it comes to financial inclusion, as a company we have financial inclusion strategy. By 2020 we have got a target as a country to reach 70 percent of financial inclusion. We are supporting

the government in terms of our reach,” Ms Katongo said.

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