State House must have Youth Desk

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Dear Editor,

THE only way for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to be in direct contact with the grassroots and have firsthand information is to have a youth desk at State House

Truthfully speaking, the gap between the PF leadership and the “GRASSROOTS” keep widening on a daily basis and this poses a huge risk to the strength of our party on the ground ahead of 2021.

Between 2009 and 2010 during the MMD regime there were similar concerns about the gap widening big time between the “MMD LEADERSHIP” and its “GRASSROOTS,”   but the leadership gave a deaf ear and blind eye until they were faced with reality in 2011 that saw them being kicked out of power by PF which dominated the grassroots despite the MMD having enormous financial muscle, a situation that should not be allowed to happen to PF. 

Many people entrusted to look into the affairs of the GRASSROOTS” hide their inefficiencies by way of peddling lies and making wild pronouncements just to safeguard their jobs and positions hence the need for a “Youth Desk” at State House so that the President is well informed with raw information in terms of matters affecting the grassroots.

Any genuine PF member will agree with me that the strength of the party is not in the corporate, civil service or business sector support but in the huge support it enjoys from the ordinary people.

Many are times our grassroots have been misrepresented, misunderstood by those expected to look into the affairs of the grassroots and wrong messages, information or picture being portrayed before our distinguished members of the central committee, secretary-general and above all the Presidency, something that attracted certain decisions according to information which was given that led to our grassroots being unfairly treated, directly demotivating and frustrating them. I know for a fact that we do have organs and structures mandated to look into the affairs of the grassroots both in the party and government but I am 100 percent sure that concerns affecting the grassroots are doctored to suit what those in structures or organs would want the President to hear not necessarily what is on ground.  If this situation is left unchecked it will produce devastating political consequences ahead of 2021.

The founding father of PF late President Michael Chilufya Sata (mhsriep) would personally make a private call to the Ward, Branch and Section officials just to keep close contact with the grassroots, because the strength of PF is in the grassroot.

However it will be unfair to expect President Lungu to go the same direction because the two have different leadership styles.

Having said this, it will be politically correct for President Lungu to have a Youth Desk at State House, a wing that will update him on a daily basis on issues affecting the grassroots  with possible solutions made available for his consideration to arrive at well informed decisions thereby keeping a close relationship with the grassroots.

Once issues affecting the grassroots are properly addressed the grassroots will be motivated, revived, energised making the job of the national mobilisation committee extremely easy in terms of dominating grassroots support. MAXWELL CHONGU, 


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