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GOVERNMENT has invested US$10 million for the implementation of phase one of the Mineral Value Chain Monitoring Programme (MVCM).

The mineral production reporting tool, which is part of the Mineral Output Statistical System (MOSES), requires mines to do online submission of the mandatory monthly production reports to the Ministry of Mines and other Government agencies.

Three sets of state-of-art equipment have since been purchased and installed at the Geological Department under the Ministry of Mines, Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and at Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

ZRA commissioner modernisation and corporate strategy, Dingani Banda, said the Government had been implementing the MVCM with the support of Norwegian government and the World Bank. Mr Banda said the system had helped to improve compliance levels of the mining companies in terms of reporting their production figures every month.

He was speaking in an interview in Lusaka.

“I must indicate that a system has now been put in place called the Mineral Output Statistical system that has managed to migrate the mines from manual reporting to electronic reporting. Previous the mines used to report manually on paper and as at now all the 12 major mines are using electronic reporting of the production figures,” Mr Banda said.

He said under the current system, the mines had improved their reporting mechanism from being behind to reporting the production figures before the due date which is the 15th of every month.

Mr Banda said that 100 per cent compliance had been achieved from the all the 12 major mines and would now move to concentrate on the small scale miners.

He said the focus had moved to incorporate the small scale miners aimed at improving their compliance levels as well.

“The other key aspect is the export permits, if you recall that the mines used to apply for permits manually and then use the same permits to submit at the borders but now the situation has changed because it is automated. The mines are now able to apply for export permits electronically and submitted electronically to the Ministry of Mines for approval and later sent to ZRA,” Mr Banda said.

In addition, 18 equipment were procured and placed at the borders to help analyse the mineral contents if the match with what’s on the permits.

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