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GOVERNMENT should seriously consider protecting children living on the streets, especially the girl-child, a rights activist has said.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, 20-year old Radiant Girls founder, Natasha Chitibwi, said Government should ensure that children living on the streets were protected, particularly the girls who were exposed to sexual abuse.

Ms Chitibwi noted that despite much sensitisation on early child marriages and defilement, there were many such cases happening on the streets which went unreported.

Ms Chitibwi explained that her passion for the safety of the girl-child drove her to embark on a campaign to sensitise sexually abused children on their rights and to urge them to seek help.

“I would like to urge Government to seriously look into the full protection of homeless children, especially the girl child.

Most girl children or woman in Zambia have experienced some form of sexual abuse, and a lot of these incidences have gone unreported,” she said.

She urged the victims to speak out and not fear of being ridiculed or stigmatize by their families and friends to avoid the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS or falling into depression.

“Victims of sexual abuse should break the culture of silence and talk to someone or join support groups so that they can begin to heal,” Ms Chitibwi said.

Ms Chitibwi said the Radiant Girls organisation was launched in 2018 and has so far influenced many abused girls to speak out.

She urged people to support efforts to ensure that Zambia attained zero cases of molestation, rape, defilement and early child marriages.

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