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THE Chinese constructing a mall in Kalundu must produce the High Court ruling they claim to have instead of attacking the media house for reporting on the current status quo, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has demanded.

And Kalundu community spokesperson Namwinga Sichula has threatened to drag Shumeite investments to court if it continued making unwarranted statements that she was paying the Daily nation to write negative stories about its project.

On Monday, Chinese interpreter Peter Shawn accused the Daily Nation of being sponsored by the Kalundu residents to write negative stories about the mall they are constructing and wondered how much Ms. Sichula had paid. 

But speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, ZDDM leader Edwin Sakala wondered why the Chinese were accusing the newspaper of wrongdoing when it was them flirting with contempt of court following the High Court ruling against them.

“Shumeite is just being naïve. If they have the court ruling in their favour as they are claiming, why are they failing to produce it? Why should they attack the tabloid which is merely reporting the matter the way it is according to the High Court ruling?

“Shumeite should realise that there is no individual who has waged a war against the media and has won.

With the High Court ruling delivered in April, resuming construction works on that building amounts to contempt of court and they must be arrested,” Mr. Sakala said.

And Ms. Namwinga warned Shumeite not to dare her with wild allegations that she was paying the Daily Nation to write negative stories about them or she will remain with no other option but to drag them to court so that they could substantiate their claims.

She said no one will intimidate her by tarnishing her name when she was speaking for the community over a mater which was clear.

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