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PEOPLE with disabilities should not just go on streets and ask for alms but strive to improve their lives, General Secretary for Kanyama Disabled Persons Association Innocent Muyenga has advised.

Mr Muyenga said in an interview that people living with disabilities had the ability to achieve something meaningful in their lives.

Mr Muyenga said begging on the streets was not a solution for people living with disabilities.

“The Ministry of Community Development and Social welfare has created a platform for us people living with disabilities to get loans from the National Trust for People Living with disabilities.

hey do not ask for a lot of paper work for one to obtain a loan.

All they require is your disability card and National Registration Card and your business plan,” Mr Muyenga explained.

He said begging on the streets did not have any benefit noting that such activities were not encouraged by government.

He also discouraged parents with disabilities using their children to beg on the streets as it was impacting negatively on the children.

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