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DISGRUNTLED opposition political party leaders should stop calling for illegal protests and a revolt against a legitimately elected government because this has the potential to land the nation into turmoil just to satisfy their evil intentions, Chief Luchembe of Mpika has warned.

Chief Luchembe was reacting to the continued calls for illegal protests by some opposition leaders which he described as evil.

He charged that revolts were evil intentions of a person who did not care about the country and lacked patriotism.

Chief Luchembe reiterated in a telephone interview that opposition leaders should stop seeking fights because the repercussions were lethal.

He wondered why the opposition should be inciting a revolt when the country had lawful procedures of changing government.

Chief Luchembe advised embattled opposition leaders to form a formidable opposition that was likely to take over government if the current was not doing the right thing.

“We have a system in place and that is why we have elections. Why should we be advocating for a revolt? What you are doing is that you are setting a precedence that would torment the country and send the nation into turmoil. You want to remove government by force, those are evil intentions of someone who does not care about the nation,” he said.

Chief Luchembe warned that the country would lose the peace that it had enjoyed for long time if the calls for a revolt are tolerated.

He reiterated that there was no guarantee the embattled opposition leaders would turn things around once given an opportunity to lead.

The traditional leader challenged the opposition to provide the nation with evidence of things they had been accusing government of so that they understand their cries. He said that the traditional leaders were not seeing the wrongs embattled leaders had been making noise about because development could be witnessed everywhere.

“I think the problem is that some of our opposition leaders are too selfish and thinking only about themselves. They should give alternatives to the supposed suffering instead of calling for a revolt. Pick a leaf from MMD during the UNIP era,” said chief Luchembe.

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