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THE Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has called on the fraternity to stop pilfering and restore the occupation’s good standards by upholding its ethics and professionalism.

Vice President Jenny GU said the fraternity needs to bring the scourge to order before it became uncontrollable. 

Ms Gu said organisations should introduce refresher course for their employees in ethical standards and discipline because without them, organisations and the country would remain with bad eggs.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Thursday, Ms Gu said remaining professional even in the face of temptation was key and important because it would not only build integrity and character but also that of the accountancy profession and the organisation.

“Although I was not fully briefed about Zambia. What I can say is that we need sanity to come back in the accounting fraternity. Pilfering is a big problem in almost every country but it should not be tolerated, organisations should introduce refresher course in their institutions on ethics because this can help restore the fraternity’s good standards and professionalism,” she said. 

Ms Gu said in as much as in every organisation and profession there were some bad eggs it was important that the profession, restore its professionalism and reclaimed back the trust.

She said the role of the accountant was to provide professional account records and ensure an organisation’s financial system were in check and balanced.

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