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WE are fed up of stray dogs that are not only proving to be a threat but a nuisance in our community, says Febby Mukuka, a concerned resident of Kalikiliki Compound.

Ms Mukuka told the Daily Nation that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) should swiftly move in and kill the stray dogs that had continued inconveniencing people by lying on roads while some were attacking residents.

She said there was need for the local authority to educate the general public on the need to vaccinate and confine the dogs in accordance with law as opposed to letting them roam freely.

Ms Mukuka observed that the vicious dogs were found moving in compounds and market places while others were found at the police post sleeping under impounded vehicles.

“According to the laws of Zambia Cap 247, the council is mandated to kill any stray dog to safeguard the lives of the public. There has been a lot of stray dogs moving in residential areas spreading rabies, a killer disease which has claimed many lives,” said Ms Mukuka.

Another resident, Zipporah Chansa, reminded the council that it was their mandate to kill dogs stray dogs that threatened the lives of the citizens.

Ms Chansa advised the residents to confine their dogs and ensure that they were vaccinated to avoid losing their pets as well as to curb the spread of rabies.

“Here at Kalikiliki market stray dogs which I suspect are not vaccinated are found all over the market and in drinking places at awkward hours and revelers are normally attacked by these same dogs,” she said.

LCC Public Relations manager, George Sichimba, said the local authority would go flat out to kill stray dogs that were a danger to society.

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