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THE behaviour being exhibited by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili, clearly shows that they are not politically cultured as they base their politics on insults and hate, Zambia National Students Union (ZNSU) president, Misheck Kakonde, has said.

Mr Kakonde said politics of bitterness and hatred from the two politicians should be condemned.

It was saddening, he said, for Mr Hichilema to usurp the role of Government to declare an emergency when such power was vested in the Government.

The students’ leader said declaring hunger as national disaster by Mr Hichilema was merely political rhetoric and a source of anarchy.

“Zambia is a country of laws and procedures, as student’s movement we have been left in shock with this behaviour,” he said.

Mr Kakonde said that an individual seeking to lead the country could not conduct himself in a manner that demonstrated desperation.

“It is very disappointing that as an opposition leader can be doing things without following laid down procedures and laws,” he said.

He reminded Mr Hichilema that he should not politicise the situation because it was caused by the drought during the 2018/2019 farming season.

And Mr Kakonde said it was disheartening that the defunct National Democratic Congress consultant had based his politics on spreading hate and insults.

He advised Mr Kambwili to stop such kind of politics and provide lasting solutions to some problems in the country.

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