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ZAMBIANS have the capacity to produce goods and services of international standards once they are given chance to prove their worth and that all they need is support.

Special assistant to the President for project monitoring and implementation Andrew Chellah said Zambian firms should be given a chance to prove their worth by people utilizing local products and services.

Mr Chellah said in an interview that Government had made it mandatory for foreign contractors to give 20 percent of their works to Zambians to encourage local production.

He emphasized that like the Zambian contractors, other local entities and businesses should be given chance to prove their worth.

Mr Chellah who last Thursday graduated with an MBA in leadership and wealth creation from the University of Lusaka said it was because of the notion that Zambians were associated with failure that people were shunning local products and services.

“I decided to study here in Zambia, at a Zambian university because we have to give our local goods and services a chance. It is because of the thought that nothing good can come out of local production that people are shunning to make use of local products and services. So let’s give our local products and services a chance, that is the reason why Government introduced the 20 percent subcontracting policy,” he said.

And Mr Chellah said there was no substitute for education and that people should always aspire on acquiring more knowledge.

He said education was an equaliser and encouraged graduates to use their knowledge to create employment for themselves and the youth.

He encouraged Zambians to believe in the capabilities of local learning institutions.

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