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GOVERNMENT should support small-scale miners to become multi-national companies so that they help grow the country’s economy, mining expert Edward Simukonda has advised.

Mr Simukonda said the small-scale miners could only develop with support from the government.

He said in an interview yesterday currently the small-scale miners were grappling because Government had not shown interest in supporting them.

That would make them continue dwindling instead of developing.

If government helped in growing local miners Zambia would stop depending on foreign investors to run the mines.

“Our very local miners would run the mines efficiently and the revenue from the exports would be coming directly into the country,” Mr Simukonda said.

He said other African countries had stopped their dependence on foreign investors because they had invested heavily in the local people.

Mr Simukonda said that was also attainable in Zambia if the government showed seriousness in supporting small-scale miners.

“I was in Tanzania recently and what is happening in that country is very pleasing. The Tanzanian government has invested heavily in the local miners.

The support from the government has made the local miners become multinational mining companies which are now contributing massively to that country’s economy.

And the Zambia Association of Youth Contractors and Suppliers said that it was working towards enhancing public confidence in local contractors.

Association president Thomas Kamawe said that they were concerned with reports of some Zambian contractors been incompetent.

Mr Kamawe said Zambian contractors had massive potential to do a lot of big projects across the country.

“As an association we want to bring change and ensure that people have confidence in Zambian contractors”, he said.

Mr Kamawe said the association believes in Zambian contractors getting big contracts from government and other big companies.

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