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NATIONAL soccer team coach Sven Vandenbroek has angered soccer fans with his latest comments suggesting that Zambia is not a big footballing nation.

Speaking after addressing a Zambia Football Coaches Association (ZAFCA) symposium held on Monday at Government Complex in Lusaka, Vandenbroek noted that his desire is to be maintained as national team coach so that he can build a strong team with support from the local soccer governing body FAZ and government.

However, the comments have not been received well by some soccer fans who are still mourning the coach’s failure to qualify Zambia to the 2019 Cameroon Africa Cup Championship which will for the first time feature 24-countries.

Steven Tembo, a Lusaka based soccer fan noted that Sven should not be maintained as national soccer team coach because he has terribly failed to manage the national team.

Tembo noted that Vandenbroek’s failure to qualify Zambia to the AfCON from a group consisting of Mozambique, Namibia and Guinea Bissau is proof enough to show that the coach is a failure who will not take Zambian football anywhere.

Tembo noted Zambia has a very good squad with talented players who can do wonders with the right coach. Brian Musonda from the Copperbelt has called on FAZ not to renew Sven’s contract because he has failed to achieve the target given to him by the association which was to take Zambia to Cameroon. Vandenbroek was handed a nine months performance based contract with a condition that he qualify Zambia to the AfCON to be held in Cameroon. Musonda noted that the Belgian cost Zambia a spot at the AfCON due to his failure to read games which Zambia could have won with bigger margins.

“There is no need for the Sven to be maintained as national team coach because he has failed.  How do you justify Zambia’s failure to qualify for the AfCON from a group consisting of Namibia, Guinea and Mozambique? This is disappointing.

The coach has failed, he doesnt know how to read the game so why should he be maintained as national team coach?” Musonda said.

Meanwhile, Justin Sondashi, a football follower from Kalingalinga compound said that players should also take the blame for Zambia’s failure to qualify for the AfCON.

Sondashi noted that players did not rise to the occasion during the qualifiers which will see Zambia finish on fourth position in group K after next year’s fixture against Namibia.­

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