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LUKANGA Water and Sewerage Company Limited (LgWSC) in Mkushi has expressed concern over people tempering with the firm’s water sources.

Speaking in an interview, LgWSC Mkushi district superintendent Clement Sikufwaniso said tempering with the water sources had become a growing trend and threatened the safety of the water.

Mr Sikufwaniso said some people were even diving in the water, a situation he described as unfortunate.

“People who go there do not only take photos, sometimes they even dive in tapped water. Sometimes they temper with valves and infrastructure. It is actually our concern. As a company, about three weeks ago, we did even visit there, we found some people. But we thought of just talking to them, saying no, this is a no go area,” Mr Sikufwaniso said.

He said the company has put in place measures to control the situation by employing security guards to protect the premises 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Mr Sikufwaniso admitted that the company had a challenge to supply enough water to the district.

He said there was need to expand and upgrade the infrastructure as it was designed for a small population but now the population had increased as the district was also growing.

The company was still rationing the water supply to the district but that the project proposal had already been done to supply adequate water to the area and was only awaiting funding, he said.

He said he hoped that funding would be made available before the end of the year so that the capacity of the water reservoir could be expanded to cater for the growing population.

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