The need to embrace current knowledge

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Dear Editor,

I wish to bring to the attention of the public on the relevancy of current knowledge.

Have you ever wondered why foreign engineers are preferred to Zambian engineers?

Why is it that some people are evacuated whenever they are unwell?

I know there are many factors as to why but not embracing current knowledge is one of major factors.

When our quest for current knowledge ceases our relevancy ceases. Knowledge is important but out-dated knowledge is not as useful as current knowledge.

Out-dated knowledge cannot help much in solving present problems.

We live in a fast changing world hence the need to embrace current knowledge to be able to cope up with the current trends in the world.

One of the ways we can solve problems today is by embracing current knowledge.

No matter how effective an old method is, it may not solve problems as efficient as a new method.

I think one of the reasons our engineers seem to be lagging behind is that most of them have embraced formal education and neglected current knowledge.

Our education systems offers formal education but to be relevant in any field today we need to not only to acquire formal education, but also become pursuers of current knowledge.

To maintain our relevancy in any field we need to be more than willing to go for current knowledge because new ways of doing things in an efficient and effective way are being developed on a daily basis.

It is time we stop relying on common sense because it only produces common results.

Think about this for a moment; whenever there is a big construction project, the government prefers foreign engineers because of many of factors and one of factors is that foreign engineers have embraced current knowledge and have learnt better ways of doing the job.


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