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MANY know her as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya, while others know her as a former Police Commissioner and a women’s advocate, but only few people know about Brenda Muntemba’s writing skills.

Ms Muntemba has previously released three books among them “Off Duty”, “Secrets Unveiled” and “In Retrospect” and is set to launch fourth book, “The Architect.”

She is a motivational and inspirational writer, who seeks to encourage and give hope to readers, especially women and girls.

Her book, “Retrospect” for instance, is a work aimed at inspiring the girl-child to reclaim her worth and challenges her to reach higher.

“The Architect” illustrates God’s excellence as the architect of lives and it is a gripping account of an encounter with the Great Architect of the Universe.

Through her latest book, she will continue to stimulate and encourage readers.

In “The Architect,” Ms Muntemba recounts the major role the architect plays in each person’s life.

The book reminds readers to always remember the creator of their life and to draw back to their maker with humility for answers and solutions.

Mwangala Mwenda, an architect and close friend of Ms Muntemba, who provided the foreword for “The Architect” described her as a great writer.

“This book illustrates our father God is the architect par excellence.

Through the twists and turns of life’s stories and daily happenings, we come to realise that he is weaving the story of our lives with a beautiful end in mind. It is a brilliant book,” Ms Mwenda said.

Ms Muntemba was born in 1970. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Zambia and post-graduate degrees from Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, France, and Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya.

She was appointed Police Commissioner in the Zambia Police Service in 2011 by President Michael Sata and later appointed by President Edgar Lungu to serve as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Nairobi.

Her jurisdiction covers South Sudan, Eritrea and the Seychelles.


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