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ZAMBIA urgently, needs an advanced leadership, with an advanced first world economic intelligence. Economic intelligence, is the ability to acquire and apply superior economic knowledge, through information gathering, for competitive and comparative advantages with advanced dominant economies, in order to proffer solutions to our chronic third world backward economic crisis.

Unfortunately, we are a country that has evolved out of crisis, are managed in crisis, and subsists in crisis management, since independence. We are always victims of; events, climate change, economic harsh conditions, and environmental degradation.

We should have been able by now, to have economic independence, beyond Political relative freedom. The political economy is the conversion of political power, to economic power essentially. Politics of power have created; violence, undue immature rivalry, character assassination, insults and chronic mediocrity.

Instead, we should have been by transformative leadership, re-crafted Zambia into a first world nation, by economic mastery and intelligence. Incompetence, and mediocrity in both intelligence and economic mastery, has made us remain a third world backward State.

We must never negotiate from crisis, but intelligence, economically. Whereas, our counterparts from the West and now the East, understand us very well, they capitalise on our desperation, and crisis to negotiate us out of our birth rights.  We sell our future to satisfy the present, which is called an “economic debt trap.” By the time those who are economically intelligent negotiate with us, they have already researched about all our loopholes thoroughly, to our disadvantages in policy, and its implementation.

Our Ministers of; National Planning, Finance, and Bank Governors must be economic masters in all, to represent us in fiscal, economic, and monetary policies, effectively.

We cannot put cadres, in economic strategic positions, to face their counterparts who are economic hitmen and women, for the West and now the East. These hitmen and women have been prepared like sharpened arrows, to dominate our economies in the third world backward states.

Economic policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and development policies, are strategically placed in the hands of these foreign intelligence personnel.

Africans are still sleeping at work, putting their cadres to compete effectively with these economic agents from; America, China, Russia, European Union, Israel, and the like. Why?  For how long? We need economic competency, and intelligence now!

Zambia needs an advanced economic intelligence. Our focus mainly in the last 55 years, has been on political and “relative” military intelligence.

Our greatest weakness as a sovereign state, is the economy. We are still a third world backward economy, because we have not invested in advanced economic intelligence.

By economic intelligence, I do not mean that we do not have conventional economists from various universities, but economic mastery to solve our own situation.

There are at least five areas of consideration, if we can have the mastery of economic intelligence. When things go wrong in a country, we must first check what the collective intelligence is not, or is doing thereof. The advanced economies are such, because their intelligence is also advanced. To re-craft our intelligence, what we need is:

1.         Re-craft our Spiritual Intelligence as a Nation. The spirituality of any nation, is what ultimately manifests in the character, and values of that nation, negatively or positively.

Secular nations tolerate homosexuality, cults like freemasonry, and liberal laws, through liberal democratic policies. Spiritual intelligence, is the highest form of leadership key, than emotional or intellectual intelligence put together.

This is unchartered territory so far, for very little has be written herein. The academia knows very little about spiritual intelligence. The greatest leaders of the 21st Century, will be spiritual leaders, from the Church.

As a Christian nation, we must exploit the possibilities of spiritual covenant men, to lead us who fear God, and Zambia will rejoice in all (Proverbs 29:2).

2.         Secondly, Re-craft the diplomatic intelligence of the State and Government. The diplomats we send in the foreign missions, must not just cut deals that will make us be  exploited by foreign direct investment (FDI). They must be beyond family and party cadres.

They must be well-prepared and “intelligence material” that will negotiate for the country well, as foreign representatives. They are not there, to just show their “suits” on social media, and singing praises for the presidency.

They must promote strategic; advocacy, negotiations, research, and initiatives, for sustainable economic development of the country. Our domestic policy must anchor our foreign policy initiatives as well.

3.         Re-craft the military Intelligence. The military defense, must be modernised and advanced to first world standards, and best practices, with a Movement for National Transformation (MNT).

The military must keep us safe at all times. The nation’s sovereignty, must be protected from both internal and external threats. We must be competitive with other military intelligences, in the region, and world. Economic advancement comes with military intelligence, to protect your interests for every nation from your existential threats of enemies.

4.         Re-craft our Long term Macro-economic Intelligence. Short-termism, is what panders to a weak macro-economic plan. All three requirements must be obtaining; short, medium, and long-term planning are essential, to solve immediate and long- term problems economically.

The overall microeconomic vision comes from the top leadership, trickling down to the Minister of Finance, for fiscal policy and the Bank Governor, for monetary policy.

The Ministry of National Planning must work in tandem with all three as a complementary. Weak planning, equals weak development in all.

Experimental development is crisis in all, and will never help by copying everything, without our own sovereign blue print and visionary template.

5.         Re-crafting our Industrialization, and our Institutional intelligence in our democracy. “Infrastructure development” is good, but it must be augmented by strong robust economic fundamentals, to trigger industrialisation start-offs.  We are not there yet as a nation. Our production must create surplus. Our consumption must be curbed. The distribution must be anchored on growth, of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Citizens must be participants in the economic activities, for exponential economic sustainable growth. Institutions matter, to regulate any public officers, including Presidents, not being despotic or autocratic. Institutions must regulate people, not people overriding institutions. The legal institutional framework, must be advanced.

Conclusively, the reason why the Movement for National Transformation (MNT), is advocating for a first world Zambia, is for economic intelligence and an advanced presidency for Zambia’s transformation.

This is what will make us competitive with other dominant global economic power houses. Right now, Zambia is not regionally, continentally, and globally, an economic power house.

This will require radical; structural, political, and economic transformation, with an MNT government, in 2021 and beyond. It is a matter of intelligence, and a “first world thinking” presidency. Yes we can!

Written by:

Dr. Daniel Mvula Shimunza,

 Founding President,

Movement for National Transformation, (MNT)

For First World Zambia Ideology and 2021 Presidential Candidate.

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