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DEMANDING money from job seekers in exchange for a job is tantamount to corruption, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Enhanced Transparency and Accountability in Public resource management manager Edgar Habasonda has warned.

Mr Habasonde advised job seekers be wary of individuals or human resource officers in the habit of charging money for employment.

He said such acts were retrogressive to the growth of Zambia’s economic development, stating that culprits should immediately be reported to police for appropriate action.

Mr Habasonde was responding to numerous complaints from the public over the alleged increased corrupt activities in the employment process in the country.

“How can you ask for money from a person who is looking for a job? This is tantamount to corruption and the public should be wary such individuals,” Mr Habasonde said.

He urged the public to up their vigilance and enhance information sharing amongst themselves and report any person involved in corrupt activities.

“People have a responsibility to report such the culprits, they should report them to the relevant authorities, so that the take action. Such bribes in the tendering process for both Government and private employment was a hindrance to the growth and development of this country,” he said.

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