Torching public property evil – Mulongoti 

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Tue, 25 Apr 2017 10:21:38 +0000





THE destruction of public property as a way of venting anger is evil and a drawback to the development of the country, People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has said.

Mr Mulongoti said that the burning of court buildings was not the solution to the problems that the country was going through.

“The continuous reports on the burning of courts and markets that had been trending in the country is regrettable and inhuman. These acts will undermine national development and it is inhuman in the sense that others are trying to blame others for their evil acts,” he said.

He said in an interview with the Daily Nation that it was inhuman in the sense that there were some people who were waiting for justice to be served in those courts that were burnt and they will not be able to access the files needed to attain justice which was a case of inflicting more injustice on them.

Mr Mulongoti said that it was the duty of the ruling party to bring the perpetrators of these fires to book because they had announced that their security was much stronger than the police.

He said that targeting public property especially infrastructure of justice was an exacerbation of poor justice delivery in the country.

Mr Mulongoti also said President Edgar Lungu should not declare a state of emergency because it was going to raise unrest in the country which already had bitter people.

“The Government should get to the bottom of this to see why citizens of this country are unhappy. It is dangerous to have a country full of unhappy people because it can result in more tragic happenings. The President should also not threaten to call for a state of emergency because it is alarming,’’ he said.

Mr Mulongoti said it was important to embrace peace and unity in order for the country to move forward.

“Let us be peaceful, we need to treat each other with decency and let us show civilized conduct because when the citizens are unhappy, problems will come and where there is love, there is no violence,” he said.


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