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TYPICAL of Third World nations, Zambia today in 54 year after independence still has; high levels of poverty, overcrowding, high levels of inequalities, high-levels of unemployment, high levels of illiteracy, high levels of uncontrolled diseases and bad health systems, high levels of lack of quality of life of the people, high levels of under-development, Un- Modernized Rural and Urban Shanty Compounds, and an un-industrialized economic status.

The transformation of Zambia from a “Third world” backward nation, to a “First world” economically industrialized advanced nation, is the unfinished business of the new order of politics needed. Imagine an advanced Zambia, fully developed to the ultimate of development of the civilized free world? Imagine that in the last over 100 years, no African State has reached that level of development yet why? We must re-craft the state, to create an advanced modern first world Zambia. This can be done by solving: Firstly, lack of transformative leadership. Zambia has only had three types of leadership since 1964, namely; transitional, transactional, and trangressional leadership forms.


Transitional leaders can only transition you from one point of need to another, but cannot take you to the ultimate destiny. Transaction leaders can only do deals, as transactions without a long compelling vision, this is typical of the Patriotic Front, PF with debt-driven infrastructure projects as their main transactions. Transgressional leaders are corrupt leaders, who exist for self-preservation rather than a sacred duty for the nation.

What is needed is to have transformative leaders who have; state- crafting capacity, a long term vision, proactive, ideological, charting a new course for the nation, and religiously patriotic. Transformative leaders; inspire, motivate, and influence both the values, culture, and productive spirit of a nation for national prosperity.

Real development politics 

Secondly, lack of real development politics. Politics is currently reduced to; irrationality, unreasonableness, intolerance, sentimentalism, regionism, tribalism, character assassination for want of visionary leaders. Development implies a consistently wellplanned state-crafting for ultimate development of a nation. Relative development is unacceptable. Politics of development must be humancentric focused above all, on development of the human being and the quality of life.

Third world defines the unindustrialized status of our nation, since the industrial revolution. Development politics entail the prudent use of political power, to convert into economic power to have comparative and competitive advantages in the region and have dominant economic development of the country. This calls for a shift from politics of power, to politics of economics. That is why for Zambia, first world is the ultimate of development, and afterwards it is just a constant maintenance.

“False development” is a semblance of infrastructure, without real authentic economic fundamentals for political mileage of; production, distribution, consumption, and the currency exchange rate. Currently, we are a consumptive economy, due to over expenditure above our means, leading to external debt levels of over 40 %, the acceptable standard globally to a colossal tune of 10 billion Kwacha.

National vision 

Thirdly, lack of a national vision. Visions 2030 for being a middle income country, and the African Union Vision 2063, for an industrialized nation are weak, because they lack national character and consensus. These are general visions given to various nations, as minimum benchmarks, not maximums of development. Zambia has never had a national Vision. What we have had are “National development plans”, which evidences short-termism.

First world is the ultimate of development as a Vision that will ensure that Zambia is re-crafted as first world State in all sectors, so that anyone who comes afterwards, will not change that pursuit of the national vision. That is why this is so serious requiring, the Movement for National transformation from a third world mono-economy, to a first world, well –crafted state in all. We need not continue with “accidental Presidents”, National business must not be left to chance, and guess work leadership styles.

Ideological politics 

Fourthly, lack of ideological politics. Sentimentalism, and populism, has taken center- stage since 1972. The Musakanya Papers, reveal that by that early stage, the Kaunda administration had already set the ground for ‘populist’ politics.

The foundation was set, now we are reaping and building on the same reality 46 years down the line. Partisan, tribalism, and regionism, have taken over the Electorate. Conventional politicians have played to the gallery of this lack of ideological politics, and win votes from the unsuspecting masses by deception. The main political parties since independence have not had a main compelling idea that was rooted in a national character. This must be changed, by rational voting, and issue- based campaigns to scrutinize candidates.

Contextualized democracy

Fifthly, lack of contextualized democracy. Our democracy needed to be contextualized around the institutions of governance, and a legal framework that works. The lack of democratic institutions makes for “strong man politics,” where the strong and powerful with money, take advantage of the weak without.

What we needed are strong institutions, not strong men in politics, to regulate political life and culture. Representative democracy, has its merits and demerits. Failure to adequately promote democracy, by Members of  Parliament in their respective constituencies, leaves our democracy misrepresenting the majority by the powerful few Members of Parliament, who seldom understand democratic governance in their own Communities except projects and disbursement of Constituency Development Fund, CDF, for political mileage to survive the next election.What is needed is direct democracy, to accurately represent the people through direct local committees, and participation of the majority.

Limited Nationalization

Sixthly, a lack of “Limited Nationalization” base. The intent of this directive policy, is to shift the economic base into the domestic ownership; systemically, structurally, and strategically. ‘Limited’, because it is finding a balance between Privatization and Nationalization, avoiding either extremes. Wholesale privatization has negatively impacted us, and wholesale nationalization led us to the declension of the Kaunda administration. Now lessons of this balance must be our maturity. Although, this is similar to Public Private Partnerships, PPP, it is however different because the focus of this is; building technology transfer, skills transfer, and empowering our people, to have competitive and comparative advantages with foreign multinational Corporations.

The Foreign Direct Investment Mode, FDI, is biased towards Multinational Corporations, against the Locals in all. Balance is the key to life. We want to build a Zambia that will be based on our hands and competences. This is what we can call Domestic Direct Investment model, DDI.

Industrialization base

Seventhly, lack of industrialization base. Industrialization cannot be an appendix any longer in our national existence. It is the main agenda. A modern civilized free Zambia will depend on it. The Movement for National Transformation, MNT, will for the first time in Zambian history, produce a First World Presidency. All other Presidents so far have been “third world”.

This will be an Industrialization Presidency, to create industries with local Competences for sustainable development, for the years to come for legacy and posterity, to set the nation on a path of dominance. Diversification from a mono- Copper dependent economy will be nothing less than innovative thinking, and transformative leadership, in all sectors.

Apostolically Fathered Church

Eighthly, lack of an Apostolically Fathered Church. The Church is not to be undermined by Politicians in Zambia. It is the only Entity that invokes God’s Rule in the Earth. Those who have in the Past gone to the Church for votes only, thought to use her for their selfish motives. The Heavens rule in all the affairs of Men. God is raising righteous leaders now, Proverbs 29:2, Proverbs 28:18, Hebrews 7, and Revelation 1:46. The separation of the State and Church is only Functional, not in terms of loyalty to the same God of the State and Church. This will call for mature leaders from the Church, for righteousness in government to exalt our nation. He is Lord over all.

The Church must be fathered and discipled in Zambia, for maturity or missions fail. Motivational Preacher, will not mature the Body of Christ, for the end – time responsibility. Authenticity in the Church will be about discipleship, not gathering thousands per se. we must present every man in the Church mature or perfect in Christ as the main assignment, (Colossians 1:28). Thus, Zambia must remain a Christian Nation, beyond the Constitutional Preamble, with other religions being tolerated? God is raising Fathers in the Church, with the heart of God for the Nation to reposition the Sons of God, (Malachi 4:5-6).

Consistent Macro-Economic template

Ninthly, lack of a clear consistent Macro-Economic template for dominant growth, not recovery crisis management or debt – crisis. Maintaining the Exchange Rate, is not the best way to manage a national economic agenda. We must craft an economic template that will make Zambia a giant dominant player in the region, Continent, and world. There is no more room for mediocrity, and debt-driven development. We must leverage what we have, to get what we do not have economically.

This requires; frugality, visionary, and transformative leadership. Mindset for First world development Tenthly, lack of Mindset for First world development. Transformative leadership must; inspire, influence, and motivate a culture of productive Prosperity, growth, innovation, industrialization, and modernization, through mindset change of the people. This is what we mean when we say ultimate development, of the first world order as a Vision for the Country in our life time. It must be done. It will be done, if you can join in the Movement for National Transformation, MNT. There is no room for relative development. Let us go to the ultimate!

Written By: Dr. Daniel Mvula Shimunza. Founding President, Movement for National Transformation For First world Zambia Ideology.

Call: 0966/0977806560.

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