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GOVERNMENT is pursuing Kalumbila district commissioner Robinson Kalota for causing a stir on Saturday night in Solwezi where he sped off after he was found using a Government vehicle by the transport control unit around 19:00 without permission.

Trouble started when one of the inspector flagged down Mr. Kalota and demanded for the weekend pass, competence certificate and the log book which he did not have and instead went ballistic telling him he had not committed any offence.

Mr. Kalota also abused reporters who were covering the operation saying they had no mandate to start filming him and as the inspectors were still taking records of the vehicle, he sped off as other road users gave way.

The officers tried to chase him but could not catch up with him.

But speaking to reporters on Sunday, Works and Supply Minister Felix Mutati said what Mr. Kalota exhibited was high level of insolence and indiscipline not befitting the topmost civil servant in the district adding that Government will pursue him.

Mr. Mutati said deciding to run away from inspectors attracted additional and significant consequences.

“The first message to those found wanting is that they must not run away from the inspectors and if they do, the consequences are significant. We got this report and we are going to follow it up. This simply means that the DC has abrogated all the rules apart from the requisite controls that we have out in place.

“He has displayed indiscipline and the matter will be taken foward. We can’t have a DC who is at the forefront of pushing for indiscipline and so, we are taking the matter up and we will inform you of the development,” Mr. Mutati said.

And Mr. Mutati said another circular will be issued soon compelling all those who bought Government vehicles to remove the GRZ number plates as there were people who were evading paying road tax and insurance by maintaining such number plates.

“One of the worries and challenges that we have had are people that bought Government vehicles, some fully paid for while others partially but they continue using these vehicles with GRZ number plates.

“This means that they don’t want to pay road tax and insurance among other things. We are going to issue a notice to all those that have procured Government vehicles that with immediate effect, this practice must cease or we will have them impounded,” he warned.



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