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…As employees perceived to be PF undergo mental torture


SOME superiors in the Veterinary Department at UNZA who are notorious UPND sympathizers are victimizing us because they perceive us to be PF supporters, some worker in the department have revealed.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday the named workers charged that some bosses were mistreating them using fault finding schemes.

“We are threatened with either dismissals or suspensions on flimsy grounds simply because we do not want to join their club.

Some affected employees have since been subjected to disciplinary action on trivial matters. In other words we are subjected to mental torture on a daily basis,” complained the workers.

The sources further urged government to intervene in the matter as it had not been easy for them to work at UNZA.

“We are ready to expose the superiors who have been mistreating junior workers,” the sources added.

When queried, UNZA vice chancellor, Luke Mumba dispelled the claims.

He advised the aggrieved employees to report the matter to the Human Resource Department.

“I don’t have information and that’s an HR issue, if they had brought that complaint to the attention of our human resource maybe I could have information but I’am totally in the dark, its news to me and it’s very difficult for me to comment,” Prof Mumba said.

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