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THE social media networks should be used to create progressive ideas and not to engage in cyber bullying of innocent people when they are not even there to defend themselves, says 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow Robson Maamba Jr.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Maamba, a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow based in Monze said the resurgence of social media needed to be used correctly by creating business ideas and suggesting ways on which people can engage in different works of charity.

He expressed gratitude at the gesture of youths  who had gathered at UNZA Chapel for fundraising concert organized by the Promise Accapela whose proceeds were meant for Peter Mwiinga, a resident of Lusaka who is battling for cancer of the liver at home and was in dire need of K30 000 for specialized treatment.

“It all began on WhatsApp Group where a concerned youth had posted Mr.Mwiinga’s photo asking for financial assistance. This prompted to have an initiative to raise the much-needed funds for a 30 year old Peter who needed funds for medical bills. This initiative turned out to be a success as youth managed to raise the needed money”, he said.

“Social media ought to be used to do good not to start attacking each other like I have seen many attacking each other even those in national leadership. Let’s use social media to do good things”, he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Christiano Chinyama of the Promise Accapela singing group who organized the fundraising concert  thanked youths and everyone for coming to their concert held at UNZA Chapel on Sunday which he described as a success saying as a group they didn’t expect that  people  especially youths would be of great help to Mr.Mwiinga like the way they did.

Mr.Chinyama further called on Christians to continue helping each other regardless of one’s religious affiliations as doing so they would be fullfilling the law of God on helping the needy and the poor.

“We have realized K32 675 from this concert and the donations that came from youths, Pastors and members of the general public. This kind of charity should be done to everyone regardless of social or religious connections”, he said.

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