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NKANA Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC) is owed over K300 million by its customers.

NWSC Public Relations Manager Bevan Saluseki said the company would soon embark on a mass disconnections to recover the K300 million from their customers.

Mr Saluseki said in an interview that domestic customers owe the company about K130 million, commercial customers owe K40 million while other pre-paid owe about K50 million. He said starting from next week, the company would embark on a mass disconnection to recover the money as the firm also required financing to meet cost of operations.

Mr Saluseki also said the company had started preparing for the cholera epidemic awareness campaign.

The firm, he said, was a member of the committee and would contribute towards chlorine and other requirements.

He encouraged customers on prepaid to clear their bills and not to wait for the company to knock out 40 percent towards debts whenever they buy units.

Mr Saluseki said NWSC needed to increase water supply hours and that could only be achieved with sufficient funds.

NWSC, Mr Saluseki said, needed money to replace leaking pipes and repair water infrastructure.

Mr Saluseki said some areas only get about two hours of water supply and the company needed money to increase hours of supply.

He also said certain areas did not have meters while customers had been complaining because they were billed based on estimates.

“The effects are that there are certain parameter indicators which are given by NWSC that are affected. When we don’t collect, efficiency is affected because we are given certain limits which should be above 90 percent of collections and we are below that,” he explained.

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