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SIX UPND Members of Parliament have denied receiving bribes each to support the Constitution Amendment Bill no.10 2019.

The MPs are Mazabuka Central’s Garry Nkombo, Kapiri Mposhi’s Stanley Kakubo, Choma Central’s Cornelius Mweetwa, Monze Central MP Jack Mwiimbu, Credo Nanjuwa of Mumbwa Central and Herbert Shabula of Itezhi Tezhi have vowed to vote against the bill, saying it did not represent the aspirations of Zambians.

They claim that the PF government wanted to pass into law a doctored document which did not contain the wishes of majority Zambians.

Speaking on behalf of the MPs at a media briefing, Mr Kakubo said the party remained solidly behind the Zambians who have rejected the Constitution Amendment Bill.

He reiterated that none of the UPND MPs were for sale as they all owed their allegiance to the Zambian people and their position on the Constitutional Amendment Bill was very clear.

“The UPND stands shoulder to shoulder with the Zambian people and no amount of propaganda should suggest that we will be swayed from that position,” said Mr Kakubo.

Mr Kakubo said it was the UPND MPs who collectively walked out of the House when the Bill was introduced on the last day of the last sitting as a united team without anyone remaining behind.

And Mr. Nkombo says the propaganda on the bill is merely aimed at swaying public debate from issues of hunger, high prices of commodities, poor governance record, FIC report and the mysterious 48 houses.

Mr. Mweetwa and Mr. Mwiimbu have denied owning land in the controversial Forest Reserve number 27 in Lusaka.

Mr Mweetwa and Mr Mwiimbu said they were not beneficiaries of the land.

They had nothing to do with any piece of land that was under contestation.

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