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KITWE United coach Ernest Koffi is hopeful that the relegation-threatened ‘Chingalika’ will survive the chop when the transitional MTN/FAZ Super ends on May 25.

Speaking in an interview Koffi said there was need for him to be given more time for the team to survive the relegation battle.

He reverted to the position of head coach following Stephen Mwansa’s resignation last February.

Koffi said the team was making progress since he took over as coach.

“I found the team in a critical situation and right now I’m trying to build a different team from what it was a few months ago. To succeed is not an immediate thing, we need more time and success will come gradually. I hope to have more time with the team so that things can be much better in the future.

“My target is to build the team and prepare for better things though it is not going to be easy. I am happy because the team is playing better football what we need is to focus on surviving in this bad zone we are in,” Koffi said.

“We just need to win one game to move the team from the relegation zone. I’m still focused we still have more games to play and anything good can happen.”

He said that he has a better plan for Chingalika who are ninth in stream-A with seven points from 11 games.

“I think the fans are our witnesses because each and every game we play, the team is improving which simply shows that something good can happen in future. Just give me time because if I have more time with the team things will change for the better. We had challenges scoring but right now the team is able to score like in the game against Zesco United, we managed to score two goals which means that things are changing,” Koffi said.

Having played 11 games in stream-A, Kitwe United have only managed one win, four draws and six losses.

After their 1-0 defeat to Green Buffaloes on Saturday, “Chingalika” visit Lusaka once again as they are set to take on Red Arrows in a week-12 fixture at Nkoloma Stadium.

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