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Dear editor,

 Allow me to commend ZICTA for taking a bold step to fine the three mobile service providers Zamtel, Airtel and MTN for poor service delivery.

The move by ZICTA has demonstrated how committed the authority is to develop the telecommunication sector in the country. Kudos Team ZICTA!

However, it is very sad that the erring companies, Zamtel, Airtel and MTN, have continued to provide Zambians with pathetic services despite the huge profits that they are making.

I admit that some of these telecom companies are trying their best to improve their operations but their efforts have so far proved futile.

Zambians have allowed themselves to be subjected to  poor services due to limited number of service providers.

And it seems these companies don’t learn.

You can agree with me that it’s not too long ago ZICTA acted in a similar manner against the same companies.

The question is why don’t they want to change?

If you look at the quality of services that Airtel and MTN, for instance, are offering in other African countries ,compared to Zambia, you will find that there is a big gap in favour of such countries.

Their poor services range from customer service to illegal deduction of airtime.

If you have a query and you call their customer service, it will take them more than ten minutes to respond if you are lucky.

As for Zamtel I don’t even know if their customer service call centre still exists.

I think the penalties being imposed on these company are not stiff enough to make them change.


Prince Mwape,


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