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UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) in Livingstone district says the party has a national character, contrary to claims that it was tribal and regional.

District Youth Chairman, Gerald Kuyewana has charged that those who were making such statements were actually tribalists themselves.

He was reacting to former UPND District vice chairman Lutangu Fwanyanga in Kazungula, who defected to the PF.

Mr Fwanyanga had charged that the UPND was a regional party which was based on tribal inclination.

But in an interview with the Daily Nation in Livingstone, Mr Kuyewana said that it was disappointing that the former district vice chairman could now accuse the UPND of tribalism.

“We are disappointed that he (Fwanyanga) can now talk about tribalism after confirming his motive of joining the Patriotic Front. We wish him well.

“We are disappointed to hear him say that he was side-lined in the party. Mr Fwanyanga has been our vice district chairman for a long time and the one who has replaced him is not Tonga so, where is the tribalism,” he wondered.

Mr Kuyewana said that the UPND had taken disciplinary action against Mr Fwanyanga because of doing wrong things outside the party and that it had nothing to do with tribalism. “As UPND, we want everyone to come on board and be part of us, but we are not going to do that at the expense of discipline,” he said.

He said that UPND Livingstone youths will not tolerate such indiscipline in the party.

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