What has happened to Chingola?

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Dear Editor,

I WRITE with a sad heart how Chingola Municipal Council management are running the affairs in the district.

Instead of making sure the many completed structures in Chingola are captured on their database so that they can be benefiting through land rates, they have made Zesco and Mulonga water tap into their sleepy behaviour.

Places like Chikola loop area for instance has completed houses where people are living without proper land papers that can even be used for loans acquisition from any financial lending institution, alas council is just a spectator.

All this is because the management is docile and needs urgent help before it’s too late.

It’s like some officers are not here to serve the people but their political ego.

Because if I may ask, how long does it take to do that if they meant well? Instead they are busy looking for open spaces in the already planned areas and ever on the road gallivanting.

It should also get into owners of such structures to rise through their respective leaders to make sure that they have papers because with the proper papers, you are able to use your properties as collateral for business.

So if the Local Government Service Commission is serious, they should start replacing such inept heads of departments instantly and worse, civic leaders are allowing some officers to destabilise the district while they fold their arms. Speak for your people now not in 2021.


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